"No bench on the beach"™

Endless Summer/Queen of the Beach Volleyball Tournaments

The opportunities for players at all levels are growing by leaps and bounds on the beach.​ Now is the time for players of all levels to start playing in beach tournaments, starting with Endless Summer Tournaments during the off season.


Endless summer tour was created for players to be able to play the highest levels of Beach volleyball year round. Now there is no more off season, the tour is here to say! It's that simple.


On October 21st we will be at Ocean Park in Santa Monica. Check in starts at 8:30, and balls in the air at 9.


There's "No bench on the beach"™.

The Tuesday After episode 8 with Jason C. Dibelius. Interviews at the our GNBV college recruiting showcase, AVP NYC & much more.

*** There will be no cancellations prior to the day of the tournament. At 6 am the day of tournament, if dangerous/hazardous weather exists an email will be sent out with instructions to everyone through Eventbrite. Play will be suspended if thunder is heard or there is a lightning strike within visual range of the tournament. The tournament will not be cancelled due to wind or rain.

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