"No bench on the beach"™

Sign up for your membership to play in Queen of the Beach® Tournaments! This is fast and simple, and only $15. Each event is purchased separately. Your points, ranking, and profile will apply to all the BVNE tournament series that you are eligible to play in.


A profile with a photo is a must. If you're a pro, you want your face out there, it's your personal brand! If you're playing in the juniors events, you want collegiate coaches to recognize you. They need to know who you are!


Points are earned at all BVNE tournament series and apply to the Queen of the Beach® events, juniors beach club league, and college recruiting showcase.


A BVNE membership is good from 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018 and is only $15. Your names and email addresses will get you through event sign up for each event quickly.


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